Opal Propes Marketing Plan

  1. Prepare a comprehensive, computerized market analysis to establish market selling price
  2. Enter your home in the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtor’s MLS system, providing detailed information and pictures to all realtors!
  3. Review with you Opal’s time-tested preparation tips to ensure successful showings
  4. Place the highly visable and well known F.C. Tucker sign in your yard
  5. Install lockbox for easy access to all realtors showing your home
  6. Install convenient yard information box and flyers to go inside
  7. Prepare color brochures, showcasing the marketing assets of your home, to display inside for potential buyer to take home
  8. Prepare professional flyers for distribution to prospects and other agents
  9. Post flyer on bulletin board at office
  10. Promote property to other realtors at all offices, companies, and at other special meetings
  11. Schedule an office tour for the agents in my office to tour your home
  12. Provide national exposure thru our
  13. Deliver just listed letters to your neighborhood
  14. If appropriate, open houses will be arranged and held on Sundays
  15. Deliver open house invitations to your neighborhood on appropriate days
  16. Provide you with a personal, private website documenting all aspects of your transaction including all advertisements, showing feedback, and more!
  17. Monitor all listing and sale activities to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace
  18. Follow up on each showing to obtain prospect’s thoughts and reactions
  19. Perform a reverse prospect search to identify people who have been looking for a property like yours
  20. Advertise  home in Homes Illustrated Magazine ( 25,000 issues every 2 weeks)
  21. Advertise  home in Tucker Talks Magazine (22,000 issues every 2 weeks)  
  22. Advertise  home in the appropriate newspaper(s)  for your area
  23. Advertise  home in Distinctive homes magazine
  24. Create a virtual tour of the property including pictures and text and link the tour to my website as well as the MLS system
  25. Enroll client in  F.C. Tucker’s Home Link program– A network of  professional services available to you at no cost!
  26. Advertise home on both www.TalkToTucker.com and www.TalkToOpal.com
  27. Perform marketing/price review after  30 days
  28. Represent your best interest at all times in all negotiations
  29. Myself or my assistants will be available to you at all times via mobile phones, voice mail, direct home lines, faxes, and thru the office receptionist
  30. I will monitor all lender and escrow activities closely to ensure a successful closing
  31. Produce the quickest sale at the highest price with the least amount of inconvenience to you!